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Visiting joint - stock apple - gardening farming company "Luksnenu sodai"

A group of students from Alytus Panemunes Progymnasium visited the joint - stock apple - gardening farming company "Luksnenu sodai". The company is located in the suburbs of Alytus town and specializes in growing different species of apples, which are the most popular kind of fruit in Lithuania. The company is growing ecological apples as well. Our students were accepted by the owner of the gardening company Mr. Vaidas Stanaitis. He showed our students around the gardens and apples storehouses. Students learned how apple - trees are planted and grown, how they are cared about. Also students found out what kinds of apples species and how many of them are grown in the company gardens, how they are kept and sorted and where they are sold. Of course, students couldn't resist the temptation to try the offered several apple species.

"BBGHANE" at "Erasmus+" projects fair

"Erasmus+" programme celebra-ted its 30th anniversary. To mark this anniversary Alytus Europe Direct Centre organized a large "Erasmus+" projects fair in Alytus town theatre. The fair visitors could observe and get acquainted with 22 "Erasmus+" projects taking place and representing different educational institutions of Alytus town. The "Erasmus+" project "Breaking Barriers and Growing HEALTHY futures, a New Europe" represented Alytus Panemunes Progymnasium at the fair. We presented the tasks of the project and achieved results. Our students prepared bookmarks and leaflets about the project that were given to the fair visitors. Also fair visitors could observe the stand with the photos from the project meetings.

Intergrated mathematics and biology lesson.

In February class 5A had the intergrated mathematics and biology lesson titled "The research of food labels" given by mathematics teacher Jurgita Janciauskiene and biology teacher Renata Ononigve. During the lesson students used the information from the two food labels. They counted the quantity of energy and proteins in the given amount of the product. Later, based on the counted information students found out which product gives more energy, which product they should eat in order to get more proteins and why growing children's bodies need proteins. Intergrated lessons is a great way to encourage students' creativity, to improve their communication and team - work skills.


On Wednesday 5th December 2018 students from the third classes (3A, 3B and 3C) of the Comprehensive Institute "Alberto Burri" went on a guided visit to the ABOCA FIRM in Pistrino and Sansepolcro. This company, which is well-known in Italy, has been growing and transforming organic herbs for the production of biological medicines and cosmetic products for almost 40 years. The visit took place within the framework of our ERASMUS+ PROJECT "BREAKING BARRIERS AND GROWING HEALTHY FUTURES". During the morning, we visited the production buildings in Pistrino, later we went by bus to see the herb garden in Sansepolcro, where we were involved in an interesting on-the-spot workshop. Once in the production building in Pistrino, a guide explained us the different phases of preparation and working of the herbs, in order to use their active ingredients for therapeutic or cosmetic uses. Later, we moved to the administrative base of the company, situated in Aboca, a village not far from Sansepolcro. Aboca also hosts the herbal gardens, the chemical labs and also a workshop lab, where we produced a lip balm using cocoa and shea butter, almond oil, aloe extracts and lemon. Currently, in Aboca they grow about 70 local plants, on over 1,400 hectars of land between Umbria and Tuscany.

Forest Eduacation

The 1st of June 2018 was lead in the spirit of forest and forest pedagogy. The workers of the National Forest Centre in Zvolen organized for the pupils of our school a memorable day named Forest and its protection, held in the park in Banská Bystrica. Forest pedagogy concerns learning about forests through experiences using interactive methods and didactic games which focus on nature patterns in forests and forestry. These activities were conducted by certified forest teachers. There were 9 sites with various activities for the children. At the beginning, every class was given a card on which the children wrote down answers to questions at every site. For every correct answer, they were given a stamp on their card. The children had to look for models of forest animals hidden in bushes or treetops, they became familiar with the forest composition, with the work of the foresters who maintain the forest, as well as getting acquainted with the environment of individual types of forest animals. They could touch stag horn, golden eagle´s feathers, they could see shed snake´s skin or distinguish the noises of individual forest animals. The day of forest pedagogy was fun as well as educational and at the end every child was given a wooden owl pendant as a memento to remember this enjoyable day.


On Thursday May 18th, in the frame of our Erasmus+ project "Breaking Barriers", we met the expert of contemporary art Mrs Fabiana Giulietti of the association ARTEA, who introduced us the figure of Andy Warhol and his interesting vision of Pop Art. Warhol believed in the artistic value of food products such as canned soups or fast food items. For him, supermarkets were a sort of museum where artists could be inspired! After this brief presentation of Warhol, we were involved in an interesting workshop. Each one of us received a picture cut from newspapers representing food (pasta, meat, vegetables, cakes etc.) and other objects (watches, helmets, women etc.); we were asked to glue these pictures on a piece of cardboard, using colours if necessary, and to think of a slogan for the products, as if we would be creating an advertisement for the picture, Warhol-style. This "experiment" was not only fun but also a demanding exercise; namely, it was very difficult to find a suitable association between a biscuit and a stove, or between hair products and sugar! Anyway, each one of us, in the end, succeeded in creating his/her own slogan! This is the one of our classmate Lio Merlo from class 3A: "Do you know what these two things have in common? STYLE!".

The students of classes 3A,B,C school year 2016-17

Istituto Comprensivo Alberto Burri - Trestina Italy

World Food Day

To mark the occassion of World Food Day (16th October), our school yearly organizes different activities or workshops. In 2018, we organised a group competition of food arrangement and subsequent tasting using healthy products based on plant proteins in conjunction with a local health food producer. Shortly before the competition itself, the teachers talked about the importance of exercising, relaxation and alternating these two. Moreover, they discussed the avoidance of stress, the need for sleep and the positive influence of sufficient hydration as well as keeping to principals of a healthy diet. After that, teams of a maximum of 5 children used cake cutters and decorations of different shapes and they were given a great amount of different fruit, vegetables and wholemeal bread together with various types of plant (vegetable) spreads provided by the local food producer. Those who were not in the mood for spreads could choose standard white tofu - suitable for the preparation of both savoury and sweet meals. Their task was to arrange different fairy tale characters, animals or other objects using the given products in one and a half hours. When the time was over, the members of the school students council agreed on the three best teams. After the announcement of the results, the children took their products to their classes, showed them to their classmates and offered them for tasting. The aim of this event was to point out the importance and options when implementing healthy food in every day life.


From 18 to 19 September 2017, 6th grade students took part in Erasmus + activities at the Education Center in Zaježová. The program, called Edible Change, was divided into two blocks where the children were dealing with food that came to their tables. They thought about where the food comes from, what distance it has to overcome, what it contains and what waste is produced. The children in the groups prepeared the egg spread, each group receiving ingredients of different origins. Another task was to reflect on other than nutritional aspects of the food we eat; economic, environmental and ethical dimensions. The topics discussed were: child labor, a fair distribution of finances in the chain of people involved in food production, local production and the issue of "fair trade". The activities were conducted so as they make children think about what foods they buy and eat and how they affect people and food production in our region.

We have already initiated our actions under the ERASMUS+ project in Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących in Wieniawa. Students participating in the project, who were successful in the recruitment process, have actively engaged into the organization of the Christmas festival in our borough in Wieniawa.

We started the preparations on 16th December 2016 organizing the culinary workshops in cooperation with the housewives from the Local Women Associations from Skrzynno and Brudnów. The ERASMUS+ participants had the chance to prepare traditional Christmas Eve dishes as well as taste them under the watchful eye of our culinary experts. On 18th December 2016 during the Christmas festival which aimed at integrating elderly and disabled people with the local community our students not only helped to serve the formerly prepared dishes but they also spread the leaflets containing some basic information about our ERASMUS+ project.

On 20th October 2017, the Erasmus+ group in PSP in Wieniawa went to the fruit farm TB Bankiewicz in Komorów.

The owner - Mrs Monika Bankiewicz presented the whole process of the production of apples, from the youngest to the oldest apple trees. We also had the opportunity to look at the work at the collections. The owner told us about the latest technologies that are used in their orchards, and while strolling through the trees we have seen how important the quality of manufactured products is.

There was also some tasting, during which we were delighted with the taste of both apples and juice without the use of sugar. They are also appreciated in other countries around the world! The atmosphere was very friendly. We learnt a lot of interesting things.

Culinary workshops with nutrition experts

February was a busy month for Polish Erasmusplus team. We held several meetings to plan and organize one of our last campaigns aiming at promoting healthy eating habits among Wieniawa local community members. On 21st of February we invited nutrition experts from The Naturhouse Nurtition Centre in Radom to provide us with some basic knowledge on how to prepare healthy and tasty meals. In the conference hall of the Community Centre in Wieniawa we gathered not only the Erasmusplus students and their parents but also the local Country Women Clubs from our borough. We greatly appreciated the presence of the members of The Wieniawa Senior Citizen's Club, who not only actively took part in all the activities but also gave us a sample of their talents: singing, reciting poems and telling jokes. Then the audience took part in culinary workshops during which the gathered had the opportunity to prepare delicious and low calorie snacks.

"Wieczór sobótkowy" festival

Our Erasmus group participated in "Wieczór Sobótkowy" festival in June 2017. The local community celebrate it every year. It's a cultural event which includes musical concerts, ceremony of throwing wreaths into the river and a campfire. This year it was also a charity event for a sick child. Students of Erasmus+ group prepared a stall with gadgets about Erasmus+ project. There were quizzes about countries participating in this project and leading a healthy lifestyle. Contestants also painted pictures with typical monuments or flags of each partnership country. Erasmus+ stall enjoyed great success.

Children`s Day in PSP in Wieniawa

Another local activity in the second semester of the 2018/2019 school year of the Erasmus+ group operating at the PSP in Wieniawa was the organization of the Erasmus+ stand during the School Children's Day which took place on 3rd June 2019 in PSP in Wieniawa. The stand`s aim was to present information on the current local activities and mobilities with students and teachers during the three-year project duration. Products of the project were also presented, including the synoptical dictionary and the calendar. The exhibition of students' works was also organized. Participants of the competition which took place in May made posters and multimedia presentations on the subject: "What means a healthy lifestyle for me?"

The students presented slogans relevant to the topic of the competition . All the projects were very creative and interesting but only three winners have been selected and prizes were provided for the winners.

In a forest-a meeting with Przysucha Forest Inspectorate

Erasmusplus team from PSP in Wieniawa took part in a trip to Przysucha Forest Inspectorate. On Monday, 17th May 2019, a group of students visited the didactic-natural path" called Rawicz. "Our students had to cover about 7 km of the route marked out in the forest complex near the building of Przysucha Forest Inspectorate. In our walk along the forest paths, we were accompanied by Mrs Małgorzata Socha, an employee of Przysucha Forest Inspectorate, who with passion and commitment introduced us into a fascinating forest ecosystem. The students learnt to recognize species of trees, bushes and green plants occurring most often in particular floors of the forest. Mrs Socha talked about forestry and work of foresters, about activities aimed at nature conservation and sustainable use of forest resources. We visited an abandoned village, which was inhabited by beavers, we overheard forest birds, we were looking for polypore and anthills.